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Best Cocktail Gift Set for the Modern Mixologist

In every group of friends or family, there’s a budding mixologist or at least someone who loves trying different cocktails at a bar or cocktail lounge. But despite that, bartending school or courses aren’t always an option. And going out to spend big bucks on a cocktail isn’t feasible in the long term. With this cocktail gift set, that’s not a problem. For those looking for the delight of premium cocktails at home, this is the ideal gift set to give them. With the gift-giving holidays approaching, we’ve put together the ultimate cocktail gift set to wow any cocktail lover. 

The ultimate cocktail gift set for budding mixologists

These are the necessities to gifting someone a perfectly functioning and lavish at-home bar. Choose whether or not to get them started, or stock them up on some of everything. If they already have a cocktail maker machine, get them some accessories. If they don’t have the Bartesian yet, that should be the first thing they receive.

Cocktail maker machine

The Bartesian cocktail machine can craft over forty cocktails made with real juices, bitters, and extracts from our single-serve cocktail pods. It has the option to personalize the cocktail strength so anyone can choose from mocktail, light, regular, or strong drinks. Use whatever alcohol suits you best, pop in the best brand of tequila, vodka, whiskey, rum, or gin. Press the button and in thirty seconds the Bartesian will analyze the cocktail pods, measure, mix and pour, then self-clean between uses.

Cocktail pods

Choose from our wide selection of cocktail pods to add to the Bartesian. Mix and match pods you think they’ll love. Narrow it down by their favorite choice of spirit. To make it a holiday gift, try one of the holiday cocktail gift sets.

Holiday collection 2022

The best way for you and your holiday guests to get in the spirit of the season is with this year’s Bartesian Holiday Collection. This limited edition variety pack contains two of each of these four curated seasonal cocktails:

  • Festive Rum Punch: A rum-based punch with notes of cranberry, orange, and holiday spices.
  • Mocha Bliss Martini: A decadent vodka cocktail with notes of creamy chocolate, rich espresso, and coffee liqueur.
  • Holiday Spiced Old Fashioned: Our festive twist on an Old Fashioned with notes of cinnamon and holiday spices.
  • Mistletoe Margarita: A holly, jolly margarita with notes of jammy pomegranate and holiday baking spices.

Capsule storage rack

Help out the receiver of these gifts by providing storage options for their new cocktail pods. Bartesian offers three different storage systems based on the individual needs of each cocktail lover.

  • The Capsule Storage Stand stores cocktail pods in style, designed to hold up to forty Bartesian capsules. Keep the favorites within reach, save space, and always know when it's time to reorder.
  • The Capsule Storage Rack is ideal for against-the-wall storage. It can store up to thirty-six favorite cocktail pods and fits under standard counters on a countertop. 
  • The Capsule Drawer is the perfect complement to the bar or kitchen counter. Designed with tempered glass and storing up to thirty-six individual cocktail capsules, they'll love this sleek addition to the Bartesian cocktail gift set.


A cocktail in itself is a delicious result of a gift, but one garnished not only adds a luxurious appearance, but it also adds unique flavors. Add garnishes to the cocktail gift set. Nothing dresses up a holiday drink like a candy cane inspired sugar rimmer. Notes of peppermint are a perfect pair for the Mocha Bliss or Espresso Martini. If you’re looking for more zip, try the Red Hot Cinnamon rimming sugar which dresses up the Festive Rum Punch or Lemon Drop. 

Cocktail mixing glasses

Don’t forget to pair your cocktail gifts with the perfect glasses. Gift them the cocktail mixing glasses that go with their favorite cocktails. The right glassware is important to the sipping experience. There are even insulated tumblers to keep cocktails cool on hot days.

Read some Bartesian reviews

Not only has Bartesian been featured in Forbes, Food Network, Esquire, The Oprah Magazine, the knot, and Buzzfeed, but it’s also revered by customers.

“Better than Lemon Drop Martinis I have had in restaurants.” - Kathleen G.

“This was a birthday gift for my wife, but we have both used it. This thing makes an awesome drink. We were a little apprehensive about spending the money, but well worth it.” - Wayne P.

“I get the PERFECT whiskey sour EVERY TIME. I have introduced Bartesian to friends and even occasional whiskey drinkers are impressed with the perfection of the cocktail. Love them!” - Katherine W.

These are a staple. Everyone who tries one, smiles and nods and when finished, asks for another. They are great with the pink Himalayan salt or the sizzling spicy salt rimmers.” - Monique 

Want to be the next to leave a glowing Bartesian review? Start putting together the best cocktail gift set now with Bartesian.

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