two cocktails in front of a Christmas tree

Easy Holiday Cocktails Guests Will Love

At this time of year, holidays are followed by more holidays. Once Thanksgiving hits, it’s the holiday season for many cultures, until the New Year (and maybe longer). Soon, it’ll be time to sit down around a table filled with friends and family enjoying a delicious dinner and making beautiful memories. For those hosting this year, why not make it extra special by serving holiday-themed cocktails? Make the event that much more spectacular with no added stress. Here are some delicious and easy holiday cocktails anyone can serve.

Christmas hosting tips: Delight your guests with easy holiday cocktails

It doesn’t take an expert to make the perfect cocktail as long as you have the Bartesian cocktail maker. With these cocktail pods, you can easily delight your guests by pressing a few buttons and garnishing the glasses. Whether you’re hosting Christmas parties, gift exchanges, or Friendsgiving, these are fun and easy holiday cocktails to try this year.

Thanksgiving cocktails

For a taste of special holiday cocktails try some of these festive options:

  • Festive Rum Punch: a rum-based punch with notes of cranberry, orange, and holiday spices.
  • Mistletoe Margarita: a holly, jolly margarita with notes of jammy pomegranate and holiday baking spices.

Fall cocktail recipes

Raspberry Ginger Gimlet

A refreshing reimagining of the classic Gimlet, the Raspberry Ginger Gimlet is the perfect blend of sweet raspberry notes and tangy ginger zing. Enjoy this well-balanced fall cocktail recipe with a lime and raspberry garnish.

Holiday Spiced Old Fashioned

Enjoy this holiday take on the Classic Old Fashioned served on ice in a low ball. This cinnamon and brown spiced fall cocktail recipe has notes of Angostura bitters and orange. The warmth of this drink is perfect for the cooler weather, and the holiday twist makes it that much more exciting.

Other hosting tips

An at-home bar is fancy enough, but it doesn’t take much to make a homemade cocktail feel like a luxury. Give guests that luxury holiday experience by making easy holiday cocktails with flair.

  1. Garnish the cocktail. After all, a huge part of the holidays is the atmosphere. The cocktail will still taste delicious, but an added garnish provides something extra to the drink and makes it look amazing for holiday pictures. Not only do we have fun rimmers, but we also outline which garnishes work best with each cocktail.
  2. Use the right glassware. We offer glassware for all our cocktail pods. The right glass makes for a classic cocktail and keeps them cool and well-balanced all night long.
  3. Let the Bartesian do the work. You can make all these cocktails by hand and find all the ingredients you need, or you can use the Bartesian cocktail maker to pour the perfect holiday cocktail every time.

Making the holidays easier with cocktail pods

The holidays are already filled with cleaning, cooking, baking, and planning, regardless of which holiday you celebrate. Don’t let bartending be an added stressor. Bartesian offers all kinds of cocktail pods so you don’t have to find and store various ingredients for every cocktail you intend to make. 

Once a cocktail pod is inserted into the Bartesian cocktail machine, the cocktail is immediately identified via barcode and suggests the proper glassware on the user interface touchscreen. The Bartesian cocktail machine lets you customize the pour strength of the drink ranging from mocktail to strong, then simply press Mix, and all of your holiday worries disappear.