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Cocktails to Make the Super Bowl the Event of the Year

The Super Bowl is already a big and exciting social event with great food and usually drinks like beer. Why not make it better by surprising everyone with a Bartesian cocktail maker for cocktails to watch a great football game?

The Bartesian cocktail maker for events

Say goodbye to bringing a case of beer hoping everyone finds something they’ll enjoy drinking. The Bartesian cocktail maker is great for events like the Super Bowl. As long as there’s rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, and gin, the Bartesian capsules can craft all sorts of luxurious cocktails.

With a group of people, leave it up to them whether they want a mocktail, a light, regular, or a strong cocktail. Don’t worry about a lineup either because this cocktail machine measures, mixes, and pours cocktails in thirty seconds.

The cocktail maker also self-cleans between cocktails so guests can switch from gin cocktails to vodka cocktails without impacting taste. Instead, taste real juices, extracts, and bitters without artificial coloring or ingredients.

What to bring to a Super Bowl party to make great cocktails

The benefit to having a Bartesian at a Super Bowl party is that you can make it a cocktail potluck. Not one person has to be responsible for everything. Give each guest something different to bring so everything needed to make loads of cocktails is available. Here’s what to bring. Give everyone something different!

  1. The Bartesian cocktail maker. If someone already has this, great. Otherwise, get it here. It can also be a purchase a few people invest in together. The cocktail machine is the building block that makes all other things possible, so start with this.
  2. Spirits. Make sure there will be tequila, rum, whiskey, gin, and vodka to fill the cocktail maker’s reservoirs. Choose whichever brand guests prefer. Once they’re in the reservoirs, the work is done.
  3. Bartesian capsules. Stock up ahead of time with Bartesian variety packs for bigger groups. No matter the pack, Vodka lovers to Gin lovers will find something they’ll love.
  4. Garnishes. Someone can be in charge of bringing garnishes for cocktails, think of it as a garnish charcuterie board. Whoever’s in charge of garnishes can bring a few rimmers to try as well as some pre-sliced citruses, olives, and peels. Don’t forget to bring mini football decorations that can sit on top of the glasses.
  5. Bring your own glass. Lastly, have guests bring their own cocktail glasses (or whatever glass they want) for added fun and fewer hosting responsibilities.

Taking the Super Bowl to the next level

The cocktail potluck is sure to be a hit. Make it customizable and on-theme by bringing Super Bowl-themed garnishes. This can be small paper footballs perched on the side of a cocktail glass. It could also be garnished with the color of the team a guest is supporting. Most Super Bowl parties are mixed up with people cheering for each team. For example, if the team color is red, use maraschino cherries, raspberries, or a red umbrella. If the team is green, use olives, celery sticks, or a green apple. The choice is yours!

Gin cocktails to garnish

Try the Bee’s Knees for a refreshing, sweet and citrus cocktail from our selection of gin cocktails. This drink pairs lemon and honey with floral notes of clover and alfalfa. To match the cocktail, use yellow garnishes like a lemon peel or wedge.

The Aviation cocktail also offers a fun take on gin cocktails with its vibrant purple color. It consists of Crème de Violette, Maraschino Liqueur, and a squeeze of lemon for a floral, sweet, and citrus libation. Garnish it with the traditional brandied cherries, or try maraschino cherries, lemon peel/wedge, or an edible dried flower to go with the floral notes.

Vodka cocktails to garnish

The Screwdriver is one of many vodka cocktails that is easy to add garnishes. Tart and citrus orange make a winning combination for this classic vodka cocktail. It pairs easily with a colorful umbrella or orange wedges.

Also try the Pineapple Sage Vodka Still which has subtle notes of sweet coconut and pineapple, and is infused with sage. The tropical flavors mean this cocktail can be garnished with a chunk of pineapple, a lime wedge, or another citrus. It can even be served in a coconut!

Start planning for your Superbowl party today. Get the Bartesian cocktail maker and your choice of Bartesian capsules.

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