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The Best Gifts for Father-In-Laws

Fathers-in-law are notoriously hard to shop for because they’re normally the man that has everything, or the man that says they don’t need anything and just wants to spend time with loved ones. There are certain gifts for father-in-laws that will always work, though.

Smartest gift for father-in-law

At Bartesian, we specialize in cocktails and cocktail-making for any level of mixologist. That being said, not every father-in-law will want the same gift depending on their comfort level around spirits, cocktails, and cocktail-making. So before diving into gifting, take a look at the different cocktail lover levels and find out which category the father-in-law falls into.

Level one: Occasional cocktail enjoyer

At the first level, an occasional cocktail enjoyer would be the father-in-law that likes a drink sometimes but doesn’t get into it much more than that. They don’t make them; they don’t know how. They wouldn’t own anything related to cocktails. They’d just like drinking them if they could buy one or if someone else made it for them.

Gifts for father-in-law’s at this level would be more basic accessories to introduce them further into the world of cocktails. Some good ideas include using the Bartesian if someone already has it (or getting one) to make delicious vodka cocktails to offer. 

Most of the time, when a father becomes a father-in-law, they’re at a stage in life where they deserve to relax and be spoiled for all their hard work in life. Do this by getting a few different vodka cocktails off the Bartesian capsules menu and making them a quick cocktail while they relax. Let them be the ones treated for once.

Level two: Cocktail tinkerer

At this level, cocktail tinkerers love their cocktails and like to play around with making them as they become more and more invested in the craft. They might have spare parts or unfinished collections as they widen their horizons, but they definitely want more cocktails and more options.

Gifts for father-in-laws here would be a cocktail shaker so they can make more of their own cocktails, glassware so their cocktails have an extra edge to them, and big ice makers to keep their drinks cool. There are lots of other accessories to gift them depending on what they do or don’t already have. It’s a blossoming interest we should encourage.

Level three: Cocktail fiend

At this stage, they likely have most of what they need to make their own cocktails and they do often because they love a great drink. Here, they’re not interested in spending loads at a cocktail lounge if they can make it for themselves at home. But they’re also looking for more efficient, cost-effective ways of cocktail-making that still produce premium cocktails. They’re also more likely to be hosting and want to give their guests a great experience.

Finding a gift for father-in-law’s in this stage is easy because they’ll love and use everything. If they aren’t already using the Bartesian cocktail maker, that would be the right place to start to streamline the cocktail-making process for premium pours. Taste and quality won’t be lost. On top of that, treat them to a selection of Bartesian capsules so their cocktail source never runs dry.

Level four: The cocktail connoisseur

This is the top tier of cocktail lovers. In this stage, they’re probably already using the Bartesian and if they’re not, they’re about to. They have their favorite vodka cocktails already, tequila, rum, and whiskey too. They’ve gotten themselves what they want over time, and share those gifts with others when they host guests.

The right way to go to get a gift for father-in-law’s now is to help replenish their bar with more capsules and get  storage options to keep them all organized. For long-term gift options, get a monthly Bartesian subscription for capsules every month.

The Bartesian for every level

Never be at a loss for gift giving because the Bartesian cocktail maker works for any stage. Even if the father-in-law is at level one, they’ll be climbing the ranks soon enough. No one can say no to a machine that makes amazing cocktails on its own. Gift one today!