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Gift Ideas for Bosses that Everyone can Enjoy

Finding the perfect gifts for your boss is no easy task. After considering budget and occasion, what gifts will always go down well? Not only can it be a gift for the boss, but if it’s something they can keep at the office or use to host work events, then everyone can benefit. We’re taking away the struggle. Find out what the best gifts for your boss are.

What gifting the perfect gift does for you

Both employees that have a close relationship with their boss and employees that don’t can benefit from gifting. Imagine gifting the boss something everyone can benefit from. Don’t just get a card or a plant for their office. Gift them an experience that’s sure to create more experiences down the road.

As always, a successful gift will show the boss there was thought and effort behind it. If they loved the gift for their birthday, you’re likely to receive a great one when it’s your birthday. Keep the workplace happy with amazing gifts and positive attitudes.

The perfect gift for a boss that everyone will get to benefit from

What’s the magic gift that will always win? The Bartesian cocktail maker machine. This is one of the gifts that keeps on giving. Not only will the boss love it, but it can also be used for hosting company events and making amazing cocktails as a thank-you.

The Bartesian cocktail machine makes premium cocktails at the push of a button. Simply add a Bartesian capsule of your choosing, fill the reservoirs with your favorite brands of rum, tequila, whiskey, and vodka and watch the cocktail machine do the work. The boss won’t have to be an expert at cocktail-making, they’ll just have to love drinking them.

Options for gift cards or accessories

Maybe the boss already has a cocktail machine or they’ve been gifted one already. No problem. The Bartesian cocktail maker machine is just the first step. Gifts to go alongside it will never run out and they’ll never get old.

Gift cards

Gift cards are great gifts for your boss if they want a Bartesian and you’d like to contribute to them getting one, or if they already have one and need some accessories or new capsules to go along with it. Since gift cards come in a few different amounts, they can either be from an individual, or a team that would like to split the cost. Gift cards make gifting easy. There’s no need to know anyone’s personal information except for their email address where they’ll be receiving the card.


Bartesian offers a wide range of accessories for the cocktail machine. There are storage options to keep Bartesian capsules organized and out of the way. There are tasty garnishes to choose from to add some sizzle or sweetness to different cocktails. There are also lots of glassware options so the premium cocktails the cocktail maker machine pours can be drunk from the right glass. Some cocktail drinkers love having their collection of glasses to choose from or to offer when hosting.

There are individual gifting options and options for groups. If a few employees are going in together on a gift, they could each get one of the following and the boss will end up with a full set to create an at-home bar.

Take the guesswork out of workplace gifting and get someone something they’re sure to love. Start shopping at Bartesian today for year-round gift ideas.