holiday cocktails with vodka

The Festive Guide to Holiday Cocktails with Vodka

Planning on throwing dinner parties this holiday season? Many people can’t think of a more excellent way to get into the holiday spirit than enjoying a seasonal cocktail (or two). When choosing which cocktails to serve, you can’t go wrong with a versatile vodka-based cocktail. Here are some of the best holiday cocktails with vodka. 

Vodka cocktails: The stars of holiday dinner parties

Vodka is generally a tasteless alcohol in itself which makes it a perfect spirit to make anyone a cocktail. Because it doesn’t have a strong taste like whiskey or tequila, cocktail lovers with a trickier palette can find a vodka cocktail that they enjoy. If there’s an event happening, vodka cocktails are the way to go to please everyone while still making different holiday vodka cocktails.

Best holiday cocktails with vodka to enjoy this winter season


Add a little sparkle to your holiday festivities with this vodka cocktail made with edible shimmer. Enjoy this fun twist on the classic Cosmopolitan with its sweet, tart cranberry and lime, and orange notes from triple sec. Shake with ice and serve in a martini glass with a sugar rim.

Mocha Bliss Martini

A decadent vodka cocktail with notes of creamy chocolate, rich espresso, and coffee liqueur. The Bartesian Nice Collection is the gift that keeps on giving all holiday season long... But nobody said being nice means you have to share.

Hemingway Daiquiri

A variation of the Papa Doble combining rum and vodka. This cocktail provides a refreshing blend of sweet and tart grapefruit, citrus lime, and dry-cherry notes of maraschino liqueur for an easy sipping experience.

Other holiday vodka cocktails

Amaretto Sour

Looking for more holiday vodka cocktails to offer guests? The Amaretto Sour pairs nutty almond and orange citrus notes to craft the perfect dessert cocktail. It’s a classically delicious cocktail to offer.


The Clausmopolitan is great, but the classic cosmo is always a crowd-pleaser. Tart cranberry is balanced out by the citrus of lime and the sweetness of orange to create this classic vodka cocktail. Shake with ice, serve in a martini glass, and garnish with orange for the perfect Cosmopolitan.

Apple Pie

The sweet combination of baked apple and fall spices is perfectly balanced with hints of lemon and cayenne in this whiskey and vodka cocktail. Wonderfully reminiscent of a slice of grandma's apple pie.

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