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Housewarming Gift Ideas for A Party Host

It’s tradition to bring a housewarming gift to a party host, new homeowners, or friends and family that aren’t seen often. Gifts for party hosts make the event go smoother, encourage the party host to host again, and guarantee you’re invited to the next one.

Hosting is notoriously stressful. Planning an event means taking control of food, beverages, location, theme, invitations, timings, and more. There’s always so much to keep track of, so bringing a housewarming gift to a party host not only acknowledges all of the time and effort they’ve put into hosting, but if it’s a gift that contributes to the event, it will also make hosting easier and more enjoyable.

Housewarming gift ideas for a party host

When hosting, there are certain parts that are already made easier. New kitchen appliances make cooking faster and more autonomous. Technology makes it easier to develop themes, create invitations, and plan the events of the party. But what about drinks? We used to have to make a bunch of individual drinks for guests without knowing how to make them, if they’d turn out well, or if the right ingredients were available. Gone are the days of frantic bartending. The Bartesian makes for great housewarming gift ideas for party hosts so they have one less thing to worry about.

Because the Bartesian makes quality cocktails on its own, all that’s left to do for the party host is fill the reservoirs with spirits and pop in capsules. In fact, instead of just gifting someone the Bartesian cocktail machine, attend the party with a selection of capsules to try so there’s more for everyone. Here are some other housewarming gift ideas:

How to make espresso martinis

What’s so special about the espresso martini cocktail? It adds a little caffeine boost to the drink — a much-needed quality for any party host and hosting cocktails. Enjoy a delicious cocktail as well as the energy to appreciate the whole party. 

The espresso martini is a smooth, sippable, vodka-based cocktail with notes of rich and creamy espresso and bold coffee liqueur. Best served shaken and on ice, the espresso martini is one of the most delicious gifts for party hosts. There are plenty of other vodka options, though, if you want variety.

Here’s what some happy customers have to say about the espresso martini capsules:

“I love the espresso martini and it’s better than the best bartender can make. And the best part, I don’t have to leave my home.” - Jeanie S.

“I really love the espresso martini. I shared it with my friends and they all loved it as well.” - Lekeisha H.

“It is incredible and so time-saving versus making it with an espresso machine. This is now a STAPLE in my rotation.” - Tyler K.

Necessities for hosting

On the other hand, if you’re the party host, there are some things that will determine whether or not it’s a success. First, don’t leave the cocktails up to chance; use the Bartesian for mixologist crafted cocktails you can count on. Second, take advantage of our accessories to complete an at-home bar experience so any request can be met, and the ambience set to perfection.

Stock up on your favorite Bartesian capsules as well as crowd-pleasers so everyone can enjoy a cocktail. The Bartesian can make mocktails, light, regular, and strong cocktails for any guest's preferences.

With cocktails now taken care of, there’s much more time to socialize with guests, make packing for the cottage a breeze, enjoy the party, and start planning the next one. You’ll even save by hosting at home or on the lake, as opposed to paying for cocktails at a restaurant. Try it for yourself; get the Bartesian cocktail machine, and try a variety of Bartesian cocktail capsules.