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Celebrate March Madness with a Premium Cocktail

Wondering how to make March Madness a little more special this year? Or maybe you don’t know much about it and you’re wondering how to make another epic party. A great event is always better when you can serve premium cocktails for yourself and your guests. Here’s what we suggest for a March Madness 2023 get-together.

March Madness 2023

In February, there’s the Super Bowl, which football fans and casual enjoyers alike get together for great food, entertainment, and delicious drinks. In March, it’s all about basketball. Usually, March Madness starts around the middle of the month and lasts a couple of weeks. This year, the first basketball games start on March fourteenth and fifteenth.

The men’s and women’s college basketball teams from the NCAA each compete in a tournament with games played all across the country. There are huge fan bases comprised of current students and university alumni cheering on their favorite teams. With multiple games being played at the same time and as many games each year won in the last second, it's no wonder the nickname for this time of year is March Madness.

In the weeks leading up to the start of March Madness, hundreds of basketball teams play each other to score a position in the tournament. By the time the tournament comes around, there are sixty-eight teams ready to fight to be the national champions in both the men's and women's tournaments. After the first weekend of games, only sixteen teams remain, named the Sweet Sixteen. After the next weekend, only four teams remain, named the Final Four.

During the final weekend, the four semi-finalists compete until there are only two teams left that compete in the national championship game. With so many teams being eliminated in such a short time, the madness and anticipation rise as fans see which teams will make it to the end.

What about the fans?

It’s not uncommon for groups of friends and family to get together multiple times over the course of these few weeks to watch their favorite teams play. Millions of people are watching the games, but there’s more to it than that. March Madness has turned into a time to eat, drink, socialize, and make bets.

As for the cocktail bars, when there are lots of people wanting a premium cocktail without overspending, it can get hectic, messy, and expensive—that is if you’re not using the Bartesian. The Bartesian cocktail maker allows anyone to set up an efficient, beautiful cocktail bar for guests to serve themselves.

Bartesian variety packs for groups

A March Madness gathering will likely attract guests with all sorts of different cocktail preferences. Even better. With the many Bartesian capsules available, there’s something for the pickiest of mixologists to the casual drinkers that don’t even know what they want.

Classic cocktail variety pack

You can’t go wrong with this pack. If you’re not sure what spirits your guests like, this variety pack has options. The pack contains:

  • Whiskey Sour
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Margarita
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Uptown Rocks
  • Old Fashioned

There’s the option to get a pack of thirty-six capsules, so there’s plenty for everyone.

Spirit lover variety packs

If there are lovers of certain spirits in your March Madness party group, we have variety packs that focus on classic cocktails of a given spirit:

Bartesian for any event

For budding mixologists or cocktail experts with high standards, the Bartesian cocktail maker is well-equipped to craft over fifty premium cocktails. It’s been used successfully at parties, work events, larger venues, and more. Looking ahead at the year’s events, the Bartesian is the essential kitchen appliance you’ll want to have. Make any event easier and more enjoyable with the Bartesian. Available for purchase online today.

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