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St. Patrick’s Day: What Cocktails Are You Serving?

St. Patrick’s Day. A socially acceptable day to indulge in food and drinks. In the past, most have gone to cocktail lounges to do that. Here’s what we suggest for the best celebration.

The origin of St. Patrick’s Day

Every year, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March seventeenth, which is when St. Patrick passed away in the fifth century. The day was originally set aside as a religious feast where guests could break from Lent to enjoy food and drinks. This is the source of alcohol becoming synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day.

In the past, because this was more of a religious day in Ireland, pubs were closed. It was only in 1995 that the Irish government used the interest in St. Patrick’s Day to open pubs and encourage tourism in Ireland to highlight its culture to the rest of the world.

People were quickly delighted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and around the world with the shamrock, the color green, and tasty drinks. While St. Patrick’s color was originally blue, green became more prevalent, hence why people will not only wear green, but they will also drink green drinks.

Cocktail lounge versus home party

Lately, home parties are all the rage. There are a few reasons why the traditional cocktail lounge is being replaced by an at-home cocktail lounge.

  1. Technology has improved. Unlike a few years ago, there wasn’t a quick and easy way for anyone to make themselves a premium cocktail. For a cocktail, people had to go to cocktail lounges for overpriced drinks and unfamiliar crowds. Now, with the Bartesian, any household can craft their own cocktail without needing to know gin drink recipes, for example. Over fifty cocktails are now available for people to craft easy cocktails to make at home.
  1. Traditions change. There will always be those that still prefer a public cocktail lounge for their St. Patrick’s Day celebration. But for others, traditions have changed in that maybe kids are more involved, there’s a large group, there’s more to fit in than cocktails, or a quiet, cozy evening is needed. No matter the case, the Bartesian is ready and waiting.
  1. The pandemic affected the world. When there was a crackdown on social gatherings and distancing, loads of people took their health and safety into greater consideration than they had before. Not only were people not allowed to go to public cocktail lounges anymore, but a lot of them didn’t even want to when they opened up again. Cocktail drinkers took it upon themselves to make fun experiences at home with friends where they felt safer.

St. Patrick’s Day cocktails

The key is to drink something green. But of course, do what you like. Here are our suggestions for cocktails that are already either partly green or can easily be made green.

For green gin drink recipes, try:

  • The Gimlet: It’s already a little bit green and is garnished with lime.
  • The Gin Martini: This is clear, so green dye could be added, or it can be green enough with olives.
  • The Bee’s Knees: This has a light color, perfect for some added green.

Gin cocktails and vodka cocktails will be great options since they’re both clear spirits. So is tequila. This means they can either be dyed green or a green garnish can be added to showcase Irish culture.

Clear, or light vodka cocktails to get in the spirit with green dye or garnishes:

As for tequila cocktails, the margarita or any of its variations is a great option, as well as the Jalapeno Lime Shrub.

To enjoy all of these exciting cocktails and more, you need to get the Bartesian cocktail maker. Get it here and join the community!

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