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Cozy Up by the Fire with this Whiskey Winter Cocktail

Nothing says cozy vibes during the winter season more than curling up beside a roaring fire and the smell (and taste) of an aged whiskey. For cocktail fanatics, whiskey is a go-to spirit choice during the colder months. Its warm finish perfectly contrasts with the crisp, cold weather outside. There are plenty of cocktail pods to choose from to delight in whiskey cocktails. Now there are two new options, the Holiday Spiced Old Fashioned, or the Cherry Reindeer, a seasonal twist on the Whiskey Sour.

Whiskey: A quintessential cocktail base for the colder months

The cells that line the mouth and throat normally send signals to the brain to warn it of extreme temperatures, like if coffee is too hot to be drinking yet. With whiskey cocktails, these cells are tricked by the alcohol and send those signals to the brain, making it feel hot as it’s drunk. This is why whiskey winter cocktails are great options for the colder months. They make us feel warm.

The best classic whiskey cocktail: Holiday Spiced Old Fashioned

We took the classic, beloved Old Fashioned and added a holiday twist to make it even more enjoyable. The Holiday Spiced Old Fashioned warms up your insides with a cinnamon and brown spiced whiskey cocktail with notes of Angostura bitters and orange as you cozy up to the fire. Enjoy this holiday take on the classic Old Fashioned served on ice in a low ball.

The best fruit-forward whiskey cocktail: The Cherry Reindeer

The Cherry Reindeer is part of the Nice Holiday collection and is packed with a balance of sweet and tart cherry flavor. When paired with the Red Hot Cinnamon Rimming Sugar, this drink takes coziness to another level. 

Other easy whiskey cocktails

Thanks to Bartesian cocktail pods, plenty of other whiskey cocktails can be enjoyed this time of year. Don’t forget to try the Whiskey Sour, Whiskey Smash, Paper Plane, and Manhattan capsules as well to warm your palette.

Barware gifting options for whiskey lovers

What do you get a lover of whiskey winter cocktails? The gift of a well-stocked bar is always sure to impress.

  • Big ice makers allow for the perfect sphere or cube so drinks don’t get watered down or too warm.
  • This Bartesian branded premium cocktail shaker is the perfect accessory for their cocktail needs. Packaged in a premium gift box, this stainless steel shaker will help them craft exceptionally chilled cocktails, and make them look good doing it.
  • Our new 2023 leather-bound cocktail menu book will take the bar setup to the next level. You’ll find descriptions of all available Bartesian cocktails in here, including our latest additions, tasting notes, recommended glassware, garnish, and other pairing suggestions.
  • Storage for their cocktail pods is the perfect complement to the bar or kitchen counter. They'll love this sleek addition to the Bartesian experience.
  • Our selection of rim garnishes truly makes an easy whiskey cocktail look professional and taste even better.
  • For the ultimate whiskey winter cocktail, gift them the right glassware. We have beautiful options to choose from for all kinds of cocktails. Elevate the experience.
  • And if nothing else, a gift card is always appreciated. Gift cards let the receiver choose what they want to put them toward.

Pods only make a great gift for someone who already has a Bartesian. In this case, there are two options, get them some of that luxury barware to start tinkering with, or surprise them with their very own Bartesian so that they never have to think about it again.

Not everyone is a fan of the colder months, but we can’t stop them from coming. What we can do is stock up on the things that keep us warm and cozy during the holiday season like whiskey winter cocktails and enjoy the Bartesian experience through the snow.

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