Top Bartending Blogs 2024

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Bartending is more than just throwing together a few ingredients and serving them to customers. It's a professional craft that requires a heaping mix of creativity, a good understanding of flavors, and the knack for making drinks that not only taste great but look inviting as well. 

When bartenders craft any cocktail, it's like they're putting on a show. They carefully choose each element—the spirit, mixers, garnishes, or drinkware—to create something special. They think about what you like, what looks good in the glass, and how it all blends together. This attention to detail makes each cocktail more than just a drink; it's a memorable experience.

Bartending is an art, and we want you to recognize that. So dive into the world of bartending with our handpicked list of the best blogs for 2024. Whether you're a budding bartender, someone who loves making drinks at home, or just interested in cocktails, these sites have got you covered.


POUR Bar Services offers more than just professional bar and bartending services for personal or corporate events. They also run a blog about the art of making and enjoying cocktails and drinks. Whether you're looking for the perfect drink to serve at weddings, casual get-togethers, holidays, or any occasion that calls for a standout mixed drink, POUR has you covered. 

You'll also find various recipes, from simple classics to fancy new concoctions, ideal for your next event.

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2. 786 Bartend

786 Bartend provides valuable insights and practical advice on pursuing bartending as both a primary profession and a side hustle. They offer detailed guides on starting your bartending journey, earning from it, and achieving success. They also have bartending courses, classes, and workshops for those starting or wanting to continue their growth in the field. Learn more about this bartending school and training center in Miami.  

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3. Alcohol Professor

Alcohol Professor

Alcohol Professor explores a wide range of topics related to beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, and everything associated with them. The blog keeps you updated on the latest trends, introducing you to the newest drinks to enjoy and savor. You can also learn about the prominent personalities in the bartending and brewing industries and discover great recommendations for enhancing your home bar, from must-have gadgets to the next mixology books worth reading. For readers of every level of interest in drinks, the Alcohol Professor welcomes everyone to a friendly class online. 

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4. takes you to the world of bartenders, as you’ll come across insights, perspectives, and news. Get to know the industry's top bartenders, mavens, executives, movers, and shakers. Find out what makes a good bartender, what you can do to improve further, and what spirits to stock your bar next. This blog is the go-to resource for those interested in understanding the operations behind bars and restaurants.

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5. Bartending License Help

Bartending License Help

Bartending License Help has a comprehensive guide to bartender tools and equipment on their site, designed to simplify the life of a bartender. This guide details individual items and organizes them into categories such as essential bartending tools, garnishing instruments, and other useful tools a bartender might need.

From bar mats to cocktail picks, each tool plays a role in making drinks and ensuring everything works well for your bar. Feel free to browse the blog for other information about becoming a bartender. 

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6. Local Bartending School

Local Bartending School

Local Bartending School intends to bring bartending skills and knowledge closer to aspiring bartenders and mixologists through its mobile bar. Their blog offers resources for soon-to-be learners and casual readers. Read about the great debate between a mixologist and a bartender and other topics of interest, like making garnishes. You can also check the blog if you are looking for a specific city where the LBS serves. 

Learn more about attending a local bartending school and courses offered near you on their website. 

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7. Event Bartenders

Custom LED Sign for Event Bartenders | Anthem

Event Bartenders' official blog offers guidance on hosting unforgettable parties. It provides tips on elevating celebrations through choices in food, venue, music, themes, and a standout bar, among unique party features. Additionally, you can discover cocktail recipes perfect for crafting at home or office gatherings. 

If you're in the process of party planning, explore their bar packages for detailed information on bartending and mobile bar options, including pricing, available on their website.

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8. Bars and Bartending 

Bartending Tutorials & Training, Bar Tricks, Drink Recipes & More |

Bars and Bartending positions itself as the ultimate resource for everyone interested in the bartending world, whether you're a bartender, a patron, or a bar owner. The site offers a wealth of information for aspiring bartenders, including guides, how-to articles, and tips for securing a bartending position. 

Bar owners will find valuable insights on managing their establishments, organizing events and promotions, and enhancing their marketing strategies. Bargoers can enjoy articles on the history of bartending, tipping etiquette, and more. They also feature healthy cocktail recipes, informative videos, and other engaging content. 

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9. Garnish

Garnish - A blog about cocktails and building your home bar.

Garnish offers numerous cocktail ideas for you to try in your bar. You can explore recipes like the Palmetto, White Russian, Gimlet, and more, and each recipe comes with a brief history of the drink. Their blog aims to help you set up a home bar through guides and tutorials to enhance your beverage-making skills.

Still not sure what to make? Try the blog’s built-in drinks maker.  

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10. Crafty Bartending

Crafty Bartending | Learn How to Become a Professional Bartender

Crafty Bartending aims to be the top choice for both new and experienced bartenders. It features guides on improving your bartending skills quickly, learning cocktail recipes by heart, understanding bartenders’ earnings, and more. 

Any aspiring bartender would also be interested in their list of bartending tools to help them perfect their craft and cocktail recipes. The site also provides actionable advice regarding becoming a professional in the field, including getting experience and certification and landing a job. 

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 11. Bartending School NYC 

New York Bartending School

Bartending School NYC (American Bartenders School) offers insights into various aspects of bartending through its blog. Topics include managing over-intoxicated customers, navigating the hierarchy within a restaurant, and the pros and cons of working as a staff bartender versus a private event bartender. 

They also cover essential knowledge for new bartenders, such as the differences between a mixologist and a bartender as well as the legal age requirements for bartending. The website also provides details on available classes and courses for those interested.

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12. National Bartenders

National Bartenders

The National Bartender's blog offers insightful tips and interesting trivia for those interested in bartending. They guide you through the essentials of becoming a bartender, covering both the necessary qualifications and tools. You can also find cocktail recipes perfect for your next event and compelling reasons to consider bartending if you're still deciding on this career path. 

If you need more information, like enrolling in a bartending school and its associated costs, among other frequently asked questions, check out their site. 

13. Bartender

Bartender Magazine

Bartender offers a perfect blend of content for pros and enthusiasts alike. Discover the newest trends in beer, wine, liquor, and important industry news to keep your bar updated. Meet renowned professional bartenders, explore their signature drinks, and find out about exceptional bars to visit. 

If you're searching for a new cocktail recipe to learn and perfect, their online collection features a variety of handcrafted options. For those mixing drinks at home, the site also provides a wealth of readily available resources. 

14. The Drink Blog

The Drink Blog invites readers to drink and explore a wide array of cocktail recipes perfect for any bar. Click or tap a pic, and you'll find posts listing the necessary ingredients and step-by-step instructions and delving into the fascinating history behind each drink. Whether you're intrigued by the sherry-infused Adonis or curious about the unique Income Tax Cocktail, there's something for everyone. 

If going through their A to Z of cocktails feels overwhelming, just navigate through the section featuring the most popular drinks.

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15. Stir and Strain

Stir and Strain serves as a hub for cocktail recipes, including those with low alcohol content. They present a wide array of drink options featuring gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, mezcal, tequila, wine, and more, all complemented by attractive visuals. Their “Make or Buy” section is a standout feature, which evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of homemade versus store-bought ingredients. 

Beyond recipes, Stir and Strain offers “Monday Booze News,” a collection of intriguing drink-related stories, as well as gift guides and essential bar supplies worth exploring.  

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16. Peak Beverage

Peak Beverage | LinkedIn

Peak Beverage's blog offers plenty of party inspiration, event-planning advice, and cocktail recipes. Couples considering a BYOB wedding bar will find detailed cost analyses, while organizations seeking to enhance their live events will discover innovative ideas for creating buzz. For enthusiasts eager to experiment with new drinks, their blog provides a variety of recipes to try at home. 

If you're interested in the specifics of managing a bar at weddings or corporate gatherings, the website offers extensive insights and information.

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17. Cocktails & Bars

Cocktails & Bars

Cocktails & Bars offers a deep dive into the world of cocktails, providing a wide range of information and fun activities. Enjoy exploring a variety of cocktail recipes, books, and DIY projects on making syrups and liqueurs. Use the online directory to discover local bars in major cities like Sydney, Milan, Tokyo, and Seattle. You can also access essential guides on refining your cocktails, naming them, and more.

For those mixing drinks at home, the site provides valuable tips to improve your home bar setup and enhance your bartending experience. Learn more about the cocktail industry and the people behind it as well.

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18. Boston Bartending School

BOSTON BARTENDING SCHOOL - Updated May 2024 - 651 Orchard St, New Bedford,  Massachusetts - Bartending Schools - Phone Number - Yelp

Boston Bartending School guides you on becoming a bartender. They have posts that answer common questions about bartending training and education, including where to begin, the necessary skills, and more. If you live in New Hampshire or Massachusetts and want detailed information on attending bartending school, reviewing the course outline on the website can help you decide on this career choice.

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19. Drink Spirits

 Drink Spirits offers insightful reviews of various liquors and alcohols, helping you discover new options to try. Each review comes with an overall rating and a detailed narrative, offering a comprehensive perspective on the spirit being evaluated. To find reviews by type, such as gin, simply click on the relevant category, or go directly to the favorites section for top picks in craft whiskey, cognac, and more. 

Alongside reviews of spirits that could enhance your cocktails, they also offer a selection of great recipes. Visit this online magazine for helpful buying guides.

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20. Bartender Spirits Awards


Bartender Spirits Awards honors the best spirits “judged by bartenders, bar managers, and off-premise bar managers for the on-premise industry.” Its blog mixes resources for professionals and consumers. Stay updated with industry news and insights, get acquainted with bartenders and figures in the business, discover the spirits and cocktails the pros recommend, and learn about bars worth visiting. Check out the latest podcast episodes and videos, like judges' interviews and keynote speeches. The judging process and entry information regarding the competition are on the website. 

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21. Art of Drink

Art of Drink

Art of Drink lets you explore the world of drinks through its many posts. The cocktails section delves into the intriguing histories of popular drinks, current trends, and which ingredients mix well together—or don't. The website also focuses on sodas, including mixing recipes and historical newspaper articles. Recipes are conveniently located both within posts and in a dedicated section.

So, if you are searching for new things to read about drinks, Art of Drink is an excellent destination. So, if you are searching for new things to read about drinks, you’ve come to the right place. 

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22. Beervana

Beervana is a blog focused on beer, acclaimed by the North American Guild of Beer Writers as one of the top blogs in its field. They offer detailed articles, including a series on the most crucial beers worldwide and reports on brewers’ compensation. You can also access an archive that neatly categorizes and showcases the blog's finest posts for easy navigation. 

Enjoy learning more about beer, the business, the history, and beer culture. See what’s brewing here. 

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23. Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is noted for offering advice about cocktails and bartending since 2004. A bit about his credentials: he is a bartender, author, and mixologist named as one of the best by Playboy. His website features his favorite recipes as well as drinks that Jeffrey’s bars make, such as the Irish Coffee and Blue Hawaii. His recipe on tonic water is the most-read on the website. 

Watch his how-to videos on improving bartending techniques, making drinks, and even cocktail videos.

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24. Drinkhacker



Drinkhacker tells you everything about wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails. They offer detailed product reviews for a variety of drinks, grading them from A+ to F. If you're considering purchasing whiskey or any other type of liquor, these reviews can help determine if a product is worth buying. They also have informative posts that delve into how different liquors are produced, which provide distinctions between various spirits; introduce less familiar types of spirits; and provide engaging narratives on visits to distilleries and more.

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25. My Bartender


My Bartender offers plenty of resources, tips, and ideas for its readership, including the seasoned bartender and novice drinker. Start browsing cocktails based on an ingredient or liquor, wine cocktails, frozen drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks—each post may offer several recipes. 

You can discover new pairing ideas with your favorite foods or drinks for a fresh experience. Visit the "Bartending" section if you're interested in becoming a bartender or improving your bartending skills. If you’re in Atlanta, NYC, or LA, check out the city guides for the best bars and nightlife spots.   

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26. Tipsy Bartender

Tipsy Bartender logo

Tipsy Bartender offers an extensive online collection of cocktail recipes, catering to a wide range of preferences, including classic and well-known drinks. You can search for recipes by type of liquor, such as gin, tequila, or brandy cocktails, or simply explore by selecting attractive thumbnails.

The website also features special drinks perfect for holidays and special events. Each recipe comes with a video tutorial to ensure you can accurately recreate the drink.

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27. Punch

Punch delivers cocktails and stories. Notice that the online magazine has a distinct flair—it covers the drinking scene, takes on cocktail trends, and updates recipes. Speaking of drink recipes, explore by spirit, style, season, flavor profile, and family. Check their buying guides if you want the best of a particular liquor or alternative. You can also access the site’s vast resources, including detailed articles on mastering a specific drink. 

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Tales of the Cocktail

This concludes our list—you're now equipped with numerous recipes, insights, and creative ideas to enhance your bartending skills! Experiment with these tips and concepts to refine your beverages, introducing innovative twists to classic recipes. Let the experiences of expert bartenders featured in these blogs inspire you to perfect your bartending craft.

Happy reading and learning!