The Bartesian Holiday Gift Guide



Level up your drinkware and keep drinks & cocktails North Pole cold.

Coupe Glassware - Set of 2
Lowball Glassware - Set of 2
Margarita Glassware - Set of 2
Stemless Martini Glassware - Set of 2


Add that little extra something special to your cocktail.
Pink Himalayan Margarita Salt Rimmer
Candy Cane Sugar Rimmer
Paloma Grapefruit Salt Rimmer
Golden Demerara Sugar Rimmer

Ice Makers, Shakers, & More

Stocking stuffers to complete their bar.
Cocktail Shaker
Premium Cocktail Menu: 2024 Edition
Clear Cube Ice Maker
Clear Sphere Ice Maker

Cocktail Capsule Storage

Straight from Santa's Workshop.

Capsule Drawer

Designed with tempered glass and storing up to 36 individual cocktail capsules

Capsule Storage Rack

Ideal for against-the-wall storage, can store up to 36 of your favorite cocktails

Capsule Storage Stand

Designed to hold up to 40 Bartesian capsules. Keep your favorites within reach

Bartesian Travel Bag

Padded material and custom fit pockets in addition to ice and capsule holders