The Bartesian Holiday Gift Guide

For Him

Choose a Bundle

Everything he'll need in one easy package.

Host Bundle

Our best selling cocktail maker with a curated selection of cocktails and garnishes 

Dad Bundle

Our most compact cocktail maker for the dads who know how to get the party started

$50 savings applied!

Life of the Party Bundle

Our most compact cocktail maker with a Margarita pack and garnishes to get the party started

$50 savings applied!

Merry Bundle

Our best selling machine with our Holiday Variety pack and Classic Collection

Step 1: Pick a Cocktail Maker

For a limited time save $50 on our most popular cocktail makers.
The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Our best selling machine, holds 4 spirits and is perfect for your home bar and parties

Duet Cocktail Maker

Our newest and most compact cocktail maker, holds 2 spirits and is perfect for countertops, bar carts, or a vacation home

$50 savings applied!

Step 2: Choose Your Cocktails

Handpicked cocktails we know he'll love!
Whiskey Lovers Variety Pack

8-pack of our favorite Whiskey cocktails from Old Fashioned to Sidecar

Negroni Capsules

Bitters, sweet vermouth, and an orange garnish provide a sweet, savory, and floral profile. Base spirit: Gin

Penicillin Capsules

This scotch-based cocktail combines sweet, honey, and candied ginger notes with hints of lemon. Base spirit: Whsikey

Margarita Capsules

A classic, refreshing blend of tequila, lemon, and lime for a sweet and sour citrus experience. Base spirit: Tequila

Sidecar Capsules

A cognac-based cocktail with sour notes imparted from lemon juice, balanced with sweet notes of triple sec. Base spirit: Whiskey

Jungle Bird Capsules

A unique tiki rum cocktail driven by pineapple juice balanced with refreshing lime and bitters. Base spirit: Rum

Holiday Spiced Old Fashioned Capsules

A festive twist on a cocktail classic with notes of orange, bitters, and cinnamon. Base spirit: Whiskey

Low-Cal Whiskey Sour Capsules

Notes of vanilla, lemon, and orange make for a classic whiskey citrus cocktail. Base spirit: Whiskey

Step 3: Choose Your Extras

Add that little extra something special to the Bartesian experience.


Cocktail Shaker
Clear Sphere Ice Maker
Lowball Glassware - Set of 2
Sizzling Spicy Salt Rimmer