The Bartesian Holiday Gift Guide

For The Host

Choose a Bundle

Everything you need to host a party or entertain company.

Host Bundle

Our best selling cocktail maker with a curated selection of cocktails and garnishes 

Home Bar Bundle

Our best-selling cocktail maker with a everything you'll need to get your new home bar started

Jolly Bundle

Our newest and most compact cocktail maker with our capsule storage drawer and Holiday cocktail collection

$50 savings applied!

Party Bundle

Our best-selling cocktail maker with 6 boxes of our most popular cocktails to get ready for any party

Step 1: Pick a Cocktail Maker

For a limited time save $50 on our most popular cocktail makers.
The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Our best selling machine, holds 4 spirits and is perfect for your home bar and parties

Duet Cocktail Maker

Our newest and most compact cocktail maker, holds 2 spirits and is perfect for countertops, bar carts, or a vacation home

$50 savings applied!

Step 2: Choose Your Cocktails

Handpicked cocktails for entertaining and parties!

Classic Collection Favorites Variety Pack

6-pack of our classic cocktails from Whiskey Sour to Espresso Martini

Tropical Margarita Collection Variety Pack

Our 8-pack contains 2 of each: Blackberry, Pineapple , Passion Fruit, & Mango Margarita

Poolside Vibes Variety Pack [55398]

8-pack of cocktails to enjoy by the pool from Mai Tai to Ginger Peach Iced Tea

Vodka Lovers Variety Pack

Our 8-pack contains 2 of each: Espresso Martini, Lemon Drop, Sex On The Beach, & Cosmopolitan

Uptown Rocks Capsules

An elegant floral and sweet gin drink featuring a mix of peach, white grape, and lemon juices with a graceful cilantro kick. Base spirit: Gin

Hurricane Capsules

This Mardi Gras cocktail derives tart and sour flavors from passion fruit and sweetness from orange juice. Base spirit: Rum

Manhattan Capsules

A mix of savory sweet vermouth, whiskey, and aromatic bitters with a hint of cherry. Base spirit: Whiskey

Amaretto Sour Capsules

Pairs nutty almond and orange citrus notes to make for the perfect vodka dessert cocktail. Base spirit: Vodka

Step 3: Choose Your Extras

Add that little extra something special to the Bartesian experience.


Coupe Glassware - Set of 2
Premium Cocktail Menu: 2024 Edition
Cocktail Shaker
Clear Sphere Ice Maker