Witch's Heart Capsules

A blend of berry, green apple, lemon juice, and white grape juice. With edible shimmer for added luminosity, 

Made with Vodka.

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Candyman Margarita

A cocktail so delicious it'll make you say Candyman five times! With sweet, sour, citrus, berry and candy notes. 

Made with Tequila.

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Pumpkin Spice Sugar Rimmer

With notes of zesty pumpkin and warm baking spices brings a hint of fall to your favorite cocktails.

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Bewitching Lime Salt Rimmer

The vivid green hue and zesty lime flavor will enhance all citrusy, fruity, and spicy cocktails.

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Margarita Glassware - Set of 2

A haunting barware complement for our Candyman margaritas and any of our scary salt rimmers.

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Stemless Martini Glassware - Set of 2

Our frightful double-walled, stemless martini glasses pair ghoulishly with Witch's Heart. or any of our martinis.

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