a dark rum cocktail

Dark Rum Cocktails: How it’s Made

Most cocktail drinkers know there are different types of rum. Not just different brands but different methods of making rum that produces various flavors. The most obvious difference is light rum versus dark rum. But even cocktail lovers don’t necessarily know what different types of rum are, how they’re made, and what makes them unique. Essentially, it’s to each their own, but understanding more about rum makes for more informed and tasty experiences.

Dark rum cocktails can be a delicious thing. But why choose dark rum over white rum? What’s the difference?

What is dark rum?

At its most basic understanding, dark rum can either be black or dark brown. Some popular dark rum brands include The Kraken, Plantation, and Captain Morgan. However, some brands will also offer other types of rum. The Kraken is also a spiced rum and Captain Morgan offers white rum as well.

The main difference between dark rum and white rum is color and that’s due to the length of time rum is aged. White rum is barely aged, and dark rum is aged for a while. The darkness of the rum is usually an indicator of it having been aged for longer. However, some brands will add caramel or coloring to change the color even if the rum hasn’t been aged.

White rum

White rum can also be called clear, silver, or light rum due to its lack of color from none or very little aging. Then it will usually have any color removed by charcoal filtration. Popular white rum brands include Bacardi, Owney’s White Rum, and Havana Club Anejo Blanco.

Gold rum

Gold rum is like the middle ground between dark and white rum. It’s also called pale, amber, or golden rum and is aged longer than white rum but not as long as dark rum.

Spiced rum

This rum is infused with spices and can be sweeter depending on what’s added to it. It’s often a great choice for cocktails. The Kraken also falls under the spiced rum category.

Cocktails with dark rum

Everyone will have different tastes when it comes to which rum to use in their cocktails with dark rum. Some will like a certain brand for a rum and cola while others will want it to mix with their cocktails. These are some dark rum cocktails to try with your favorite brands.

Mai Tai: The Mai Tai brings together light and dark rums with sweet almond syrup. Orange curacao adds body and helps soften the brightness of the tart pineapple for a citrus and sweet cocktail.

Jungle Bird: Take a tropical adventure to the jungle! The Jungle Bird is a unique tiki cocktail driven by pineapple juice balanced with refreshing lime and bitters. With a Jungle Bird in hand, sit back, relax and enjoy a taste of the jungle. Serve it shaken, in a bird glass, or lowball garnished with pineapple leaves.

Hurricane: Bring Mardi Gras home with the Hurricane. This sweet, fruity, and tropical rum cocktail derives tart and sour flavors from passion fruit and sweetness from orange juice. A hint of citrus lime provides the perfect balance to this classic New Orleans cocktail.

Remember, any rum cocktail can be a dark rum cocktail. It’s up to everyone’s preferences. If there’s another rum cocktail capsule you’d love to turn into a dark rum cocktail, do it!

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