The Bartesian Holiday Gift Guide

For Her

Choose a Bundle

Everything he'll need in one easy package.

Mom Bundle

Our best-selling cocktail maker with the Tropical Margarita collection, rimming salt, and glassware


Fashionista Bundle

Our newest and most compact cocktail maker with extras that never goes out of style

$50 savings applied!

Host Bundle

Our best selling cocktail maker with a curated selection of cocktails and garnishes

Merry Bundle

Our best-selling cocktail maker with a selection of cocktails to elevate your holiday gathering

Step 1: Pick a Cocktail Maker

For a limited time save $50 on our most popular cocktail makers.
The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Our best selling machine, holds 4 spirits and is perfect for your home bar and parties

Duet Cocktail Maker

Our newest and most compact cocktail maker, holds 2 spirits and is perfect for countertops, bar carts, or a vacation home

$50 savings applied!

Step 2: Choose Your Cocktails

Handpicked cocktails we know she'll love!

Pomegranate Margarita Capsules

Bursting with pomegranate flavor, a splash of lime, and notes of triple sec. Base spirit: Tequila.

Espresso Martini Capsules

Notes of rich and creamy espresso and bold coffee liqueur. Base spirit: Vodka.

Lemon Drop Capsules

Sweet and sour lemon make a delicious dessert cocktail. Base spirit: Vodka.

Tequila Sunrise Capsules

This classic brunch tequila cocktail mixes orange juice with sweet grenadine cherry notes. Base spirit: Tequila

Sex on the Beach Capsules

With juicy peach, pineapple, banana, cranberry and a hint of lemon flavor for a sweet and tropical experience. Base spirit: Vodka

Ginger Peach Iced Tea Capsules

A refreshing, juicy cocktail a summer day calls for with notes of caffeine-free black tea, sweet peach, and herbal ginger. Base spirit: Vodka

Mai Tai Capsules

Orange curacao adds body and helps soften the brightness of the tart pineapple for a citrus and sweet cocktail. Base spirit: Rum.

Low-Cal Cosmopolitan Capsules

Tart cranberry is balanced out by the citrus of lime and sweetness of orange to create this classic vodka cocktail. Base spirit: Vodka

Step 3: Choose Your Extras

Add that little extra something special to the Bartesian experience.


Coupe Glassware - Set of 2
Triple Berry Sugar Rimmer
Stemless Martini Glassware - Set of 2
Candy Cane Sugar Rimmer