Bartesian cocktail capsules

The Highest-Rated Bartesian Cocktails

Whether you’re looking to try out new Bartesian cocktail capsules or you’re wondering what others have to say about them to see if they’re worth it, this article is for you. We’ve outlined our customers’ highest-rated cocktails and highlighted what some standout reviews have to say about them.

There’s a reason Bartesian capsules are so widely acclaimed, and you can be the next person that finds a new favorite or is converted to the easy lifestyle of at-home, premium cocktails.

Highest-rated Bartesian cocktail capsules


Our margarita recipe does exceptionally well in the eyes of the drinker. Based on 336 reviews, the Classic Margarita cocktail capsule has 4.9 stars. Similarly, the Mango Margarita has a rating of five stars with 392 reviews. These margarita recipes hold their own.

Vodka cocktails

Bartesian cocktail capsules with vodka are some of the most popular. First, the Amaretto Sour has a 4.9-star rating with 411 reviews. The citrus notes are a definite crowd-pleaser. If you’re a vodka lover but you don’t know which cocktail capsules to try next, the Lemon Drop cocktail is the highest-rated vodka cocktail at Bartesian with 707 glowing reviews and another 4.9 stars. Also, try the sweet and fruity Sex On The Beach with 341 reviews and 4.9 stars.

Long Island Iced Tea

This is a category on its own because it has tequila, rum, and vodka. The Long Island Iced Tea is a staple cocktail for mixologists. The Bartesian knows how to make a Long Island Iced Tea delicious. That’s why it has 4.8 stars and 351 reviews.

Whiskey cocktails

The first one that comes to mind is probably the Whiskey Sour. With 327 reviews and an amazing five-star rating, customers keep these Bartesian cocktail capsules on their monthly subscription. For more cocktails as highly rated as the Whiskey Sour, try the Classic Cocktail Variety Pack where 401 customers have awarded it a 4.9-star rating.

Why Bartesian capsules are so highly rated

The pods aren’t overly sweet like many mixers. They still let the taste of the liquor shine through with added flavors. Bartesian capsules are made with real fruit juices, bitters, and extracts. We strive for excellence in quality.

Bartesian capsules make serving guests quick and fun. Whatever their choice of cocktail is, it can be prepared in under 30 seconds. Anyone can be served almost instantly so more time can be spent enjoying the company of others. Hosts don’t have to miss their party by spending all their time in the kitchen making platters of drinks.

It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Because of the barcode on Bartesian capsules, the Bartesian cocktail maker knows which spirit and in what ratio to mix with the capsule to craft your cocktail. They’re also recyclable so there’s no worry about waste. Ultimately, customers enjoy the real, properly proportioned flavors, the simplicity, and the speed of using a Bartesian.

Bartesian has the capabilities you need

The Bartesian cocktail maker can customize cocktails at the push of a button. It automatically determines which cocktail capsule it’s working with and pours a premium drink quickly. It even suggests the proper glassware to use.

With the spirit reservoirs, users can choose their favorite brands of spirits to use, as well as the strength of the cocktail. Discover more perks for yourself by getting the Bartesian today.