The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker


The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

  • Over 50 bar-quality cocktails and growing
  • Craft premium cocktails with your favorite spirits
  • High quality, real juices, bitters, and extracts
  • 4 options to customize your cocktail's strength
  • Auto rinses after every use to keep drinks delicious

How it Works

The Bartesian cocktail maker freshly mixes over 50 bar-quality cocktails on demand, providing an effortless way to enjoy and serve premium cocktails at home. Enjoy all your favorite rum, whiskey, tequila, gin, or ​​vodka cocktails with a push of a button in 30 seconds or less.

Insert Cocktail Capsule

High-quality juices, bitters, and extracts.

Select Strength & Press Mix

Mocktail • Light • Regular • Strong

Creates Cocktail in Seconds

No measuring or mixing required.

On demand bar-quality cocktails - an effortless way to serve and enjoy premium cocktails at home.

See How it Works

On demand bar-quality cocktails - an effortless way to serve and enjoy premium cocktails at home.

See How it Works

Quality Cocktails

Great drinks! Easy to use, everyone who sees it can’t believe there is such a thing!
- Tracy G.

The Bartesian Difference

High-quality ingredients paired with innovative features in every machine:

Over 50
Bar-Quality Cocktails
and Growing
Craft Premium
Cocktails With Your
Favorite Spirits
High Quality, Real
Juices, Bitters, and
4 Options To
Customize Your
Cocktail's Strength
Auto Rinses After
Every Use to Keep
Drinks Delicious

Perfect for Crafting Exquisite Cocktails in Style

Freshly craft over 50 exceptional cocktails in the comfort of home. No need to measure or mix.

Cocktail Strength

Choose mocktail, light, regular, or strong

Any Spirit Brand

Use your favorite Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, and Gin

30-Second Process

Quickly measures, mixes, and pours your favorite mixologist-inspired cocktails

Smart Technology

Leverages intelligent capsule barcode technology to craft the perfect cocktail, every time

The New Way To Cocktail

At Home Bar
  • Effortlessly crafts 50+
    cocktail varieties
  • Freshly mixes
    with 1 touch
  • No complicated recipes, no prep work
  • Pre-measured,
    premium ingredients
  • 4 drink strength
  • Consistently-balanced
At Home Bar

Super Convenient

The Bartesian has been a great find and we use it all the time. It is awesome to receive our monthly order with our favorite cocktails without having to go every time and order it. Easy to make changes or to skip a shipment if needed.
- Aglae R.

Amazing Service

Delivery was on time and I was ready to go out of the box. Perks are great too for half off items. The quality was great for the pods and flavors were on par with what I would expect a luxury cocktail to taste like!
- Pablo V.