whiskey sour recipes

Low-Calorie Holiday Cocktails to Welcome the Cooler Months

Whiskey sour recipes are a great thing to have as the cooler months approach. Because whiskey warms you from the inside out, we’ve outlined whiskey cocktail variations to try in this cool season to keep you and your guests warm and toasty. 

And don’t be concerned about all the festive foods and drinks to be had; these are low-calorie options. There’s no reason to feel guilty indulging in these whiskey or gin cocktails. The best part is you can rely on Bartesian capsules to make all of these delicious cocktails.

How to make a whiskey sour

Use a Low-Cal Whiskey Sour Bartesian capsule. There’s no need to memorize whiskey sour recipes when you can put a capsule in the Bartesian cocktail maker and watch as your drink is poured. Experience a smooth balance between sweet and sour with notes of vanilla, lemon, and orange with your favorite brand of whiskey for added warmth.

We suggest the following whiskeys for an amazing whiskey sour:

  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey
  • Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey
  • Four Roses Bourbon

Try other whiskey sour recipes by adding either:

  • Egg whites
  • Lemon and lime
  • Amaretto
  • Egg whites and maple syrup

Gin drink recipes

Like whiskey, gin cocktail recipes have a special place in the cooler months. The Gin martini is a botanical bouquet of Juniper, dry vermouth, and sweet and floral notes, putting the atmosphere of the fall months into neatly packed Bartesian capsules. 

Not only will this drink fill you with holiday warmth, but it also tastes delicious every time with the Bartesian cocktail maker’s expert skill. If you’re interested in other gin cocktail recipes, check out our other gin drink recipes.

How to make low-calorie cocktails 

The mentioned whiskey sour recipes and gin cocktail recipes are also low-calorie, but if that isn’t intriguing enough, we have more options.

Low-calorie margarita

For tequila lovers, try the Low-Cal Margarita Bartesian capsules. Pop this capsule into the Bartesian cocktail maker and receive the classic margarita with the low-calorie benefit. It’s a refreshing blend of tequila, lemon, and lime for a sweet and sour citrus experience.

We recommend using 100 percent blue agave tequila, such as Patron Silver or Don Julio Blanca, for the best results. Get creative and try different variations of the classic margarita. This is delicious year-round.

Low-calorie cosmopolitan

This vodka-based cocktail is a mix of tart cranberry with sweet lime and citrus. The Low-Cal Cosmopolitan Bartesian capsules make a light, refreshing cocktail with the right amount of sweet for when the craze of summer sweetness has ebbed, giving way to the refreshing fall months. Check out our suggested variations to the cosmopolitan.

Pineapple sage vodka still

The Pineapple Sage Vodka Still Bartesian capsule is a spirit-forward, low-calorie cocktail with subtle notes of sweet coconut and pineapple. Infused with botanical sage, this refreshing cocktail is best suited for any vodka lover looking for a new favorite. While pineapple truly shines in warm months, this low-calorie cocktail is a necessity for a fruity pick-me-up amidst holiday celebrations.

Get the Bartesian cocktail maker

Worried about serving the perfect drink to your guests? The Bartesian cocktail maker takes the guesswork out of the equation for you. Worry less about how to make cocktails and try our capsules in the Bartesian cocktail maker — the mixologist that gets it right every single time.