how to make margaritas

How to Make Margaritas and Other Classics with Variations

While classic cocktails will always be delicious, there’s no harm in trying variations to those cocktails to impress guests and treat yourself to new, bursting flavors. We’ve outlined how to make margaritas, easy vodka drinks, gin drink recipes, and more that you can make at the push of a button with the Bartesian cocktail maker.

How to make margaritas

Margaritas are a renowned favorite and come in a variety of flavors. First, let’s learn how to make margaritas. The easiest way is to use the Bartesian to insert Bartesian capsules, choose your pour strength, and get the recommended glassware ready.

Here’s the long method:

Equipment needed:


  • One and a half ounces tequila
  • Three-quarters of an ounce fresh lime juice
  • One ounce Cointreau, triple sec, or other orange liqueur
  • Optional: Fresh lime wedge, coarse kosher salt


  1. If you’d like a salted rim, pour some salt into a dish that’s at least as wide as the mouth of your glass. Cut a notch in a lime wedge and run it around the edge of your glass. Then, tilting the edge of the glass down so the salt only goes on the outside, turn it slowly into the salt and set the glass aside.
  2. Add all of your drink ingredients to your shaker and shake them vigorously.
  3. Place a few ice cubes (or one large one) in your margarita glass, and pour your drink over the ice.


  • Use 100 percent agave tequila
  • A single large ice cube will prevent your drink from getting watered down by ice melting too quickly.
  • High-quality orange liqueur can make a big impact on overall taste — get the good stuff.

Variations to tequila mixed drinks

Mango margarita

Blend the margarita ingredients with mango chunks, omitting the orange liqueur. Shake, pour, and serve in a chilled glass with a salted rim.

Skinny margarita

The original margarita recipe is already pretty light on sugar since it omits agave or simple syrup, but you can reduce the sugar even more by replacing the orange liqueur with an ounce of orange juice instead. We also offer a Low-Cal Margarita capsule option.

Spicy margarita

Add two jalapeno slices with the seeds removed and a half ounce of agave syrup to your shaker with other margarita elements. Garnish with a jalapeno coin.

Cadillac margarita

Add three-quarters of an ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice and a half ounce of agave or simple syrup to the other margarita ingredients.

Passion fruit margarita

Add a quarter cup of passion fruit nectar and two teaspoons of superfine sugar to your drink shaker with your other margarita ingredients.

Other fruity tequila mixed drinks

Our Bartesian capsules also offer other variations to the classic margarita. No need to go through the process of making these margaritas; we have capsules that can work with the Bartesian cocktail maker to pour a tasty drink. Also try:

Gin drink recipes and variations

As far as gin drink recipes go, some classics are the Negroni and Gimlet. Starting off, what are these gin drink recipes?


The Negroni is an Italian gin cocktail typically made in the glass in which it is served, built over ice much like an old-fashioned cocktail. The traditional Negroni is made with just three ingredients in equal parts: gin, sweet red vermouth, and Campari.

Equipment needed:

  • Lowball glass or rocks glass
  • Cocktail spoon or small spoon


  • One ounce gin
  • One ounce sweet red vermouth
  • One ounce Campari
  • Orange peel, for garnish
  • Ice blocks or cubes


  1. Put the ice in the glass and pour the gin, sweet red vermouth, and Campari over the ice.
  2. Stir gently with a cocktail spoon until the drink is chilled, and garnish with a strip of orange peel.


  • Campari can make a drink too bitter in the wrong proportions — so measure carefully.
  • Make sure there isn’t much pithe, or white rind, on your orange peel.
  • Swirl the ice gently with the spoon against the wall of the glass to avoid watering it down.

Negroni variations

The White Negroni

This recipe is in the same one-to-one proportions as the original, with Suze liqueur in place of the Campari, and Lillet Blanc, a French aperitif made from blended wines, botanicals, and fruit. The Lillet Blanc adds a delicate, fruity, and herbal flavor, while the Suze liqueur adds a complex bitter vegetal taste, with a somewhat perfumey flavor.

Negroni with bourbon

The bourbon Negroni, sometimes also known as the Boulevardier cocktail, is made with one and a half ounces of bourbon whiskey in place of the traditional Negroni’s gin, and the same one-ounce amounts of sweet vermouth and Campari.

Negroni with Aperol

If you prefer your Negroni to be a little less on the bitter side, consider whipping up a Negroni with Aperol instead of Campari. You can also add a dash or two of orange bitters.

Tequila Negroni

The tequila Negroni recipe is a simple enough variation on the original. Substitute a nice blanco tequila in place of the gin, and a thin orange slice instead of the peel.

Negroni with vodka

Sometimes known as the Negroski, the Negroni with vodka is made with an ounce of premium vodka in place of the gin, and the usual orange twist garnish.

Rum Negroni

There are many variations of the rum Negroni. In its most simplistic version, this Negroni recipe is made with dark rum with Campari and sweet vermouth, in the exact proportions as the original Negroni recipe.


The Gimlet is a refreshing lime-forward gin cocktail that’s beautifully balanced for a refreshing sweet and sour experience. However, there’s another Bartesian capsule that creates a more fruity experience.

Raspberry Ginger Gimlet

The Raspberry Ginger Gimlet reimagines the classic Gimlet with the perfect blend of sweet raspberry notes and tangy ginger zing. Enjoy this well-balanced cocktail with a lime and raspberry garnish.

Other gin drink recipes

Uptown Rocks

The Uptown Rocks Bartesian capsules offer an elegant floral and sweet gin drink featuring a mix of peach, white grape, and lemon juices with a graceful cilantro kick. Made best with an herbal gin for a smooth finish for this refreshing cocktail. This cocktail was developed by the Bartesian mixologists and is a specialty drink unique to the Bartesian cocktail maker. 

Easy vodka drinks and variations


A cosmopolitan is a fruity, citrus cocktail that’s made in a shaker and served in a martini glass, sometimes with sugar rim and a citrus garnish. It’s a drink favored for being fruity without being overly sweet, and for being light in added sugar and additional calories.

Equipment needed:


  • One and a half ounces vodka
  • One ounce Cointreau
  • A half ounce lime juice
  • A half ounce cranberry juice
  • Ice
  • Optional: Rimming sugar, lemon, orange, or lime slice


  1. If desired, run the citrus wedge around the outside edge of the glass to wet it and turn the outer edge of the glass into the rimming sugar of your choice.
  2. Pour all ingredients, including ice, into a cocktail shaker and shake for a few seconds.
  3. Pour into a martini glass and serve with a citrus garnish.

Cosmopolitan variations

Cosmo recipe with triple sec

You can substitute the Cointreau in the classic cosmopolitan recipe with triple sec in the same amount.

Low-calorie cosmopolitan recipe

You can reduce the sugar content to make a Low-Cal cosmopolitan by replacing the vodka with an orange-infused vodka and omitting the Cointreau. To take it a step further, you can use a reduced sugar or zero calorie cranberry juice drink.

White cosmopolitan recipe

The white cosmo is as beautiful as it is sumptuous. Replace the vodka with an orange vodka instead, and swap the Cointreau out for an elderflower liqueur like St. Elder. Replace the lime juice with a splash of lemon juice, and serve in a white sugar-rimmed martini glass with fresh skewered cranberries rolled in sugar.

Other easy vodka drinks reimagined

Hemingway Daiquiri

The Hemingway Daiquiri is a variation of the Papa Doble. Combining rum and vodka, this cocktail provides a refreshing blend of sweet and tart grapefruit, citrus lime, and dry cherry notes of maraschino liqueur for an easy sipping experience.


With Moscow Mule-inspired flavors, and this smooth, sweet, and tart lime vodka libation, the Northside is a refreshing option for an evening cocktail.

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